Tuesday 14th Jul 2020

Horticulture is a dynamic department, recognized internally and externally as a valuable and relevant resource in the plant sciences for students, producers, and the general public. We aim to advance and share the science of production and management of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Ornamental plants, Spices, Plantation, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops and their use in communities to improve social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Innovative basic, applied and cross‐disciplinary research will help solve environmental and economic problems.

Modernizing horticultural crop production sector by supplying it improved technologies i.e. improved seed or planting material, propagation techniques, optimum fertilization, irrigation etc.

Improving the quality of living of the society by supplying surplus production by maximizing productivity.


The Horticulture Research and Training Centre, Thally is under the department of horticulture committed to discovery, education, and delivery to improve quality of life at the local, national, and international level. We enhance health, the environment, and the economy by advancing and sharing the science of production and use of food and ornamental plants.