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Thiruvallur District Profile
Tiruvallur was originally known as Tiru Evvulur which specifies the sleeping position of the holy lord "Balaji", in the Veeraragava temple of Tiruvallur. Later, people began to refer it by names such as Trivellore and Tiruvallur. Today, Tiruvallur is well known for one of the reasons being the Veeraragava Temple. The new moon day is very auspicious day for the lord for the people of the town and neigbouring areas. The main occupation of the district is agriculture and allied activities. Nearly 47% of the total work force is engaged in the agricultural sector. Around 86% of the total population is in rural areas engaged in agriculture and allied activities. The major Horticulture crops grown in the district are mango, guava and vegetables such as Brinjal, Bhendi ,Greens and Flowers. Major Crops Area details Fruits-12369 Ha Mango-11251 Ha (Gummidipoondi,Poondi,Thiruvalangadu) Banana-572 Ha (Sholawaram,Thiruvallur) Guava-251 Ha (Kadambattur,Sholawaram,Gummidipoondi) Other fruits Like Sapota,Jack,Papaya,Datepalm,Dragon Fruit Aromatic Crops Chillies-532 Ha (Poondi,Tiruttani) Vegetables-5015 Ha Watermelon-1833 Ha ( Minjur,Sholawaram,Ellapuram,Gummidipoondi) Brinjal-567 Ha (Sholawaram,Ellapuram,Kadambattur,Gummidipoondi) Bhendi-611 Ha (Gummidipoondi,Thiruvalangadu,Poondi, Sholawaram,Ellapuram) Greens- 661Ha ( Minjur,Sholawaram,Gummidipoondi,Ambattur) Tapioca-120 Ha (Gummidipoondi) Gourds-300 Ha Moringa-110 Ha Flowers-1789 Ha Jasmine- 1037 Ha (Gummidipoondi,Thiruvalangadu,Ellapuram) Plantation crops- 730 Ha Coconut-540 Ha (Pallipattu,R.K.Pet, Sholawaram) Cashew- 147 ha (Gummidipoondi) Bamboo- 14.5 Ha Medicinal Plants-38 ha –Tulsi Tulsi- Ellapuram, Thiruvallur