Tenkasi District

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Tenkasi District Profile
Tenkasi district was separated from Tirunelveli District on 22 November 2019 by the Government of Tamil Nadu and it is located in foothills of Western Ghats. Tenkasi district has an area of 2916.13 and it is separated into two revenue divisions as Sankarankovil and Tenkasi. It consist of eigtht taluks as Kadayanallur ,Tenkasi, Sankarankovil, Shenkottai, Sivagiri, Veerakeralamputhur, Alangulam and Tiruvengadam. It is separated in to ten blocks namely Kadayam, Kadayanallur ,Tenkasi, Sankarankovil, Shenkottai, Vasudevanallur, Alangulam, Melaneelithanallur, Keelapavur and Kuruvikulam. South west monsoon major source of rainfall for the district particularly the rainfall is more in the western parts of the district and the annual average rainfall is stands at 1194 mm. It has horticultural crop area of 22,422 Ha. In horticultural crops, plantation crops (49%) occupies major area followed by fruits (31%) and Vegetables (14%). Particularly in fruit crops area, Mango (41%) and Acidlime (30%), Banana (14%) and Amla (11.6%) occupies major area. In specific, Tenkasi district has specifically known for Acidlime cultivation and it is cultivated in an area of 2842.80 Ha across all the blocks. The popular ruling variety of acid lime named “PKM – 1” which is released from Horticultural College, Periyakulam - TNAU in 1990 was selection from kadayam local which was from Tenkasi district. In vegetable cultivation, Onion (1423 Ha), Bhendi (623 Ha), Tomato (423 Ha) and Brinjal (289 Ha) were majorly grown in the district. The blocks namely Alangulam, Sankarankovil and Keelapvur were major vegetable growing region. Apart from Fruits and Vegetables, the plantation crops viz. coconut (10938 Ha) and Cashew (1404 Ha) cultivated in larger scale. Jasmine (360 Ha) and Marigold (79 Ha) were major flower crops cultivated in the district.