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DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE AND PLANTATION CROPS CUDDALORE DISTRICT Cuddalore District is coming under Cauvery delta region and the total area under cultivation is 325355 ha. In that, Horticultural crops have been cultivated in about 47008 ha and the prominent crops under cultivation are Cashew, Jack, Banana, Guava, Tapioca, Chillies, Brinjal and other vegetables. Among the major three fruits (Mukkani-Mango, Jack and Banana), Jack grown in this district is the sweetest and world famous known by the name Panruti Jack. Cuddalore district is also known for Cashew nuts for the export potentials. To increase the production, productivity and income of farmers, various schemes are being implemented through Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops. To impart hi-tech production techniques among farmers various schemes like Poly green house Construction, Shadenet House, Plastic Mulching, Distribution of seedlings of high yielding varieties of fruit crops, vegetables and Plantation crops are being done. Schemes implemented through Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops I. MISSION FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT OF HORTICULTURE- NATIONAL HORTICULTURE MISSION (MIDH-NHM) 1. Area Expansion Programme • Cultivation of Hybrid Vegetables (Brinjal and Chillies)- Protray seedlings has been produced at State Horticulture Farms and distributed to farmers at free cost at the rate of Rs. 20000 per hectare • Mango cultivation under High Density Planting- Rs.9840 per hectare • Flower crops cultivation: For cultivating Marigold and Jasmine, Rs.16000 per hectare and for Tuberose Rs.60000 per hectare been given to farmers as back ended subsidy • Spice chillies cultivation- Rs.12000 per hectare • Cashew planting- Rs.12000 per hectare for new planting and Rs.20000 per hectare for Rejuvenation 2. Protected Cultivation • Construction of Poly green house: 50% subsidy has been provided for constructing Poly green houses at the rate of Rs.467.50 per square meter to the allowing maximum 4000 sqm. meter per beneficiary • Shadenet House: As like poly house construction, 50% assistance has been given to the maximum of 4000 sqm per beneficiary at rate of Rs.355 per square meter • Plastic Mulching: 50% assistance will be given-Rs.16000 as back ended subsidy 3. Creation of water resources: To encourage water harvesting system for individuals, to create farm ponds, with an assistance of Rs.75000/- has been provided. 4. Integrated Nutrient Management • To encourage use of micro nutrients, at the rate of Rs.1200 per hectare the micro nutrients/ Bio fertilizers given to the farmers. 5. Integrated post harvest Management • To construct pack houses for the purpose of grading, cleaning and packing of Horticultural produces at the rate of 50% subsidy Rs.2.00 lakh has been provided. 6. Pollination Support Through Bee-Keeping • In order to maximize production, honey-bee colonies have been given to farmers at 40% subsidy at the rate of Rs.1600 per colony and for honey extractor Rs. 8000 is given. 7. Horticulture Mechanization • For purchase of 20 PTO HP mini tractor Rs.75000 and for above 8HP power tiller Rs. 60000 has been given as subsidy respectively. 8. Verimicompost Unit: • For Production of Verimicopost , 50% assistance as Rs.50000 per Unit as backended subsidy to the farmers. ELIGIBILITY OF FARMERS • All the farmers who have own agriculture lands are eligible. If on lease, the lease period should be a minimum of 10 years for project based components. • Assured irrigation facilities are necessary where water usage is mandatory for the components like protected cultivation, area expansion etc. • The beneficiary farmers should enclose all mandatory documents along with the application. • The documents should be valid for the current period. II. NATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (NADP) • Cashew New Area Expansion for Hi-density Planting Rs.24,000 per ha and Rs.12,000 per ha of Normal Planting has been given as subsidy. • Quality Cashew crafts has been produced though state Horticulture fams and given to the farmers. For onion development programs, Rs.20000/ Ha given as subsidy . III. PRADHAN MANTRI KRISHI SINCHAYEE YOJANA (PMKSY) – “Per Drop More Crop” Under this scheme, to emphasis efficient use of irrigation water, farmers are being encouraged to set up micro irrigation facility through financial assistance of 100% subsidy to small and marginal farmers and 75 % subsidy to big farmers. A beneficiary can get financial assistance up to 5 ha. Farmers who are all already benefited can also get subsidy for renew after seven years. IV. NATIONAL MISSION FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE (NMSA) RAINFED AREA DEVELOPMENT (RAD) • Horticulture Based Farming System: For an area of 1 hectare, Subsidy up to Rs.9200/- has been given for planting material and other inputs • For Purchasing of Milch Cows, Goats, Poly Birds Rs.25,500 has been given as subsidy. • Vermicompost unit: To set up permanent vermicompost structure, Rs.12500 has been given as subsidy and for setting HDPE vermibed Rs.6000 has been given as subsidy. • For inereasing the crop pollination, apiary units are given at the subsidized cost of Rs.12800/- per beneficiary as backended V. REVAMPED PRADHAN MANTRI FASAL BIMA YOJANA (RPMFBY) In Cuddalore district, Banana, Tapioca, Bhendi, Brinjal, crops are notified to be covered under this insurance scheme. Farmers insured the crops in notified villages could get insurance amount for crop damages due to natural calamities and tremendous yield loss due to pest and diseases. • All crop loaner farmers are included as beneficiaries • Other non-loaner farmers may joined as their our interest VI. MANDATORY DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED BY THE BENEFICIARY TO AVAIL SUBSIDY FOR VARIOUS COMPONENTS UNDER MIDH 1. Application Form 2. Beneficiary must be registered in TN Hortnet, Uzhavan App, Hortnet 3. Chitta and adangal (original), FMB sketch, Aadhar xerox, Ration card xerox, 4. In case of Lessee farmers, registered lease agreement should be furnished. 5. Soil and water test reports for Protected cultivation related components 6. Passport size photos (2 Nos) 7. Bank passbook (1st page Xerox) for verifying the Account Number 8. Affidavit for components wherein the assistance is above Rs.50,000 from 9. Construction plan for Project based Application from licensed Engineer 10. Field photos during various stages of implementation with beneficiary (for Area expansion and project based activities) 11. Field Board with NHM logo after completion (for project based) CROP INCENTIVE SCHEME • To encourage cultivation of Vegetables crops during off season Rs.2500/- per ha has been given as cash incentive Farmers should submit Chitta, Adangal, Bills/ Vouchers, Aadhar, Paspoof size photo 2nos • Maximum eligibility to avail the subsidy upto 2 Ha per beneficiary. ORGANIC FARMING SCHEME: With an aim to provide poison free vegetables to consumers/ Publics, incentive is given to farmers for organic cultivation and certification charges Rs.2500/- Ha for organic cultivation of Greens Rs.3750/- ha for Brinjal, Bhendi, Gourds, Lab Lab and Tomato Rs.500/- is additionally given to farmers to meet out the certification charges. INTEGRATED HORTICULTURE DEVELOPMENT SCHEME (IHDS) 1. Encouraging Home Stead Vegetables Gardens (i) Distribution of Vegetable Seed Kits Eligibility: Residents of Cuddalore district Subsidy : 40% Subsidy on the Cost of seed kit Maximum Permissible : 6 kits per family (5 type seeds) Documents of submit : Any one of the Proof like Aadhar card or any one of the Address Proof (ii) Namma Veetu Thottam – Vegetable Garden Kits Total Cost : Rs.850 Subsidy / kit : Rs.340, and Beneficiary Contribution: Rs.510 Maximum Eligibility : 2kits per beneficiary All Residents can avail the subsidy and it can be useful for Rooftop garden and Home garden growers. (iii) Homestead drip system – without sensor These are manual drip systems for watering homestead gradens. It is implemented for promotion of Rooftop gardens and homestead gradens. Total cost : Rs.1000/kit Subsidy amount : Rs.320/kit as Back ended assistance. Beneficiary contribution : Rs.680/kit . Each beneficiary can avail to the maximum of 2 kits 2. Special techniques and systems for Horticulture crops (i). Weedmat (Sq.m) Eligibility : Should have any Horticulture crops Cost of weed mat @100 GSM/sq.m – Rs.42/sq.m Subsidy: 50% Rs.21/sq.m Maximum of 4000 sq.m per beneficiary as back ended subsidy DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE STAFF DETAILS Sl. No. Officer Name Designation District/ Block/ Farm Contact No. 1 T.Sureshraja Deputy Director of Horticulture Cuddalore District ( 9384067901 2 D.Arun Assistant Director of Horticulture (PM) (i/c) 9384067902 3 R.Alex Horticulture Officer (Tech) 9384067904 BLOCK LEVEL OFFICER 5 V.Sivakumar Assistant Director of Horticulture Cuddalore 9384067906 6 M.S.Sangeetha Assistant Director of Horticulture Kurinjipadi 9384067910 7 S.Arun Assistant Director of Horticulture Panruti 9384067914 8 L.Naganandhini Assistant Director of Horticulture Annagramam 9384067905 9 C.Vidhya Assistant Director of Horticulture Bhuvanagiri 9384067912 10 D.Arun Assistant Director of Horticulture Parangipettai 9500766888 11 S.Kalaimani Assistant Director of Horticulture Keerapalayam 9384067909 12 P.Nandhini Assistant Director of Horticulture Kumartchi 9384067908 13 P.Nandhini Assistant Director of Horticulture Kattumannarkoil 9384067908 14 J.Bhuvaneswari Assistant Director of Horticulture Kammapuram 9384067907 15 S.Anandhi Assistant Director of Horticulture Vridhachalam 9384067916 16 T.Arulthasan Assistant Director of Horticulture Mangalur 9384067911 17 K.Kalaimani Assistant Director of Horticulture (i/c) Nallur 9384067913 18 R.Sundarapandiyan Horticulture Officer SHF-Neyveli 9384067917 19 M.Prakash Horticulture Officer SHF-Vridhachalam 9384067918