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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, It can be used. This technique is already proved successful by the farmers.

During February 0.5% Urea (5 g/lit.) or 1% Potassium Nitrate (10g/lit.) may be sprayed to induce flowering in mango.

July – September

Under good management conditions, the crop will give economic yield for about four years.

Green Manuring is growing of leafy legume crop of short duration and ploughing it in the same field before they form seeds. Eg: Cowpea, Sesbania etc.Green Leaf Manuring is manuring the field by adding the lopping from legume trees and Ploughing it in the field. Eg: Pongamia, Glyricidia.

The nursery site should be changed every year. The nursery beds should be treated with 1:7 ratio of Formaldehyde. Seeds should be treated with 0.3% of Captan before sowing. During seedling stage drench with 0.1% of Carbendazim followed by frequent irrigations.

July – August.

District Soil Testing Laboratories (State Department of Agriculture), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and its Institutions, KVK's.

Soils with hard pan can be reclaimed by ploughing with chisel plough once in three years. Ploughing should be done first in one direction and then in a direction perpendicular to the previous direction.

Aloe vera is propagated through suckers. The suckers are dipped in 0.1% carbendazim for five minutes and planted in the field. 10,000 suckers are required to plant one Hectare of land.