Saturday 19th Oct 2019
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Chief Minister's Rural vegetable Production Programme (CMRVPP)
It is seen that a huge gap exists between the recommended consumption of vegetables and the actual consumption of Vegetables especially in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. In order to increase the consumption of vegetables in the rural areas and to ensure more production and availability of vegetables at village level, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu made the following announcement “A new priority scheme will be commenced to encourage vegetable production in their house or a portion of land for the rural people and farmers”. Through this scheme, 12 lakh Vegetable seed kits are being distributed at 100% subsidized price to every Panchayat of Tamil Nadu. This programme will be implemented by distributing 100 Vegetable seeds kits along with a Kg of Organic manure to every Panchayat of Tamil Nadu. The seed kit will contain seven kinds of any of the vegetable seeds like Bhendi, Moringa, Amaranthus, Tomato, Chilli, Cluster beans, Brinjal, Avarai, Bitter Gourd, Pumpkin, Bottle gourd, Snake gourd, Small onion and Ribbed gourd based on the availability of seeds.