Tuesday 29th Sep 2020


Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu
Thiru R. Doraikkannu

Thiru R. Doraikkannu

Phone: 044-25671142
Fax: 044-25670979
E-mail: ministeragri@gmail.com

Agriculture Production Commissioner & Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu
Thiru Gagandeep Singh Bedi, I.A.S

Thiru Gagandeep Singh Bedi, I.A.S.,

Phone: 044-25674482
Fax: 044-25674857
E-mail: agrisec@tn.gov.in

Director of Horticulture and Plantation Crops.
Dr. Subbaiyan N, I.A.S

Dr. Subbaiyan N, I.A.S.,


Phone: 044-28524643
Fax: 044-28512300
E-mail: dirhortitn@yahoo.com

Deputy Director of Horticulture shall be the district head of the department and shall be in-charge of all activities of the Horticulture in the district Assistant Director of Horticulture(Planting Materials) shall supervise the State Horticulture Farms and Private Nurseries - their promotion and quality up-gradation etc. and ensure pedigree materials for area coverage under different programmes.

Senior most Horticulture Officer shall be the head of the unit in the State Horticulture Farms and other Units wherever needed.


Assistant Director of Horticulture Officer / Deputy Horticulture Officer, Assistant Seed Officer / Assistant Agricultural Officers working at Block level shall be field officers and shall work under the leadership of Assistant Director of Horticulture in the Block Agricultural Extension Centers. They shall be in-charge of all field activities of the Department. State Horticulture Farms or any other establishment in the jurisdiction of the Block shall come under the administrative control of the Assistant Director of Horticulture. Headquarters of Assistant Directors of Horticulture in delta area shall be fixed in one of the two Blocks of Agricultural Extension Centers and all officers and establishments of both the Blocks shall report to him. 1) District Head quarters - (a) The Nilgris   2) District Headquarters - (a) Kodaikanal.