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Floriculture is the art and knowledge of growing flowers to perfection. It deals with the cultivation of flowers and ornamental crops from the time of planting to the time of harvesting. It also includes production of planting materials through seeds, cuttings, budding, grafting and marketing of flowers and flower produces. It includes cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for sales or for use as raw materials in cosmetics, Perfume industry and also Pharmaceutical sector.

India is bestowed with several agro-climatic zones conducive for production of sensitive and delicate floriculture products. This era has seen a dynamic shift from sustenance production to commercial production.

Tamil Nadu continues to take the first place in the production of loose flowers in the Country, the production being 4.29 Lakh MT during the year 2017-18. Tamil Nadu takes the third place in regard to area, by cultivating the flowers in an area of 34,227 Ha and Dharmapuri, Salem, Dindigul, Krishnagiri, and Tiruvannamalai districts play a major role in achieving the target. Assistance is extended for cultivation of loose flowers, bulbous flowers and cut flowers. Quality planting materials are being produced in State Horticulture Farms and distributed to farmers in subsidized cost to encourage flower cultivation.

Area, production and productivity & Major Flower cultivating districts (Advance Estimates-2017-18)
SI.NO Name of the Crop Area(Ha) Production (M.T) Productivity (M.T/ha) Major Flower Growing Districts
1 Jasmine 13,610 1,20591 8.86 Madurai, Dindigul, Erode, Tiruvallur and Tirunelveli
2 Chrysanthemum 5,836 1,40864 17.97 Dharmapuri, Salem, Krishnagiri, Dindigul and Tiruvannamalai
3 Tube Rose 4,979 65,969 13.25 Dharmapuri, Madurai, Salem, Tiruvallur and Dindigul
4 Marigold 2,761 72,389 26.22 Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Tiruchirappalli and Cuddalore
5 Rose 2,088 66,971 32.07 Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Dindigul, Thanjavur and Tiruvallur
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