Saturday 04th Dec 2021


[ Extract from Vision 2023 Document ]

Infrastructure developments in agriculture are targeted at the three initiatives of improving the productivity in agriculture, assurance of year round irrigation, and marketing extension. An estimated investment of Rs 40,000 crore is anticipated towards development of agricultural infrastructure across the state. The key projects are:

a. Irrigation projects involving connectivity of farms with canals and dams, and cleaning of water resources such as tanks, wells and dams.

b. Micro irrigation for 100% of crops under horticulture, vegetables and fruits and spices.

c. Horticultural parks for fruits, vegetables and spices would be developed across the state

d. Chain of storage facilities including cold storage and associated logistics facilities

e. Packing houses and gamma irradiation facilities are to be developed in each district

f. Grain storage facilities

g. Three terminal market complexes to serve the local and export market

h. Strengthening R&D capacity


ProjectRs. Crore
Cleaning of wells, tanks and canals16,000
Horticulture Parks6,600
100% Micro Irrigation for horticulture crops6,400
Grain Storage Godowns2,700
Strengthening of R&D Capacity of Agricultural Universities2,000
Food Processing Centres1,500
Cold Storage Projects, Terminal Market Complex2,000
Support to Mechanisation1,000
Packing houses, Gamma Irradiation Facility, Agro Food Parks & Export Zones, Perishable air cargo complex, ICT tools for agriculture extension etc1,800