Tuesday 20th Aug 2019



In the context of changing world scenario towards organically produced Food, organic farming is gaining importance world wide. India, as a result of "Green Revolution" has attained self sufficiency in food grain production and is able to feed the 1.2 billion mouths. But this has definitely led to overexploitation of our natural resources and indiscriminate use of chemicals for cultivation. With food safety concerns looming large, we have to definitely take a stand on sustainable agriculture by adopting organic farming methods especially in food crops.

Realizing this, the following announcement was made by the Hon’ble Minister for agriculture on the floor of the assembly during the Agriculture Demand on 19.04.2012 regarding Organic Farming policy of the State.

This announcement has already instilled a sense of responsibility among the stake holders and public and it is imperative to draft the policy immediately.


Though our state tends to be a pioneer in most of the technologies and policies, we are found to be lagging behind states like Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Uttaranchal as far as Organic Farming is concerned.

Organic Farming strategies can be devised only based on a strong State policy. The method of implementation and agencies involved can also be defined based on a policy. Hence these attributes form a part of the State Organic Farming Policy.


To analyze the world Organic Farming Scenario and to determine our role in the global arena of Organic Farming.

To bring together eminent brains in the field of Organic Farming in the Country and State and to pool their views and knowledge on Organic Farming.

To Draft an Organic Farming Policy for the State which is wholesome and would be a ready Reckoner for all future Schemes and proposals of the State on Organic farming

As per G.O Ms.(2D) no.123, Agri (AP3 Dept), dt.11.09.1218 members were proposed to form the committee to draft the Organic Farming Policy.

G.O for Organic farming Policy


Organic Farming is a holistic and integrated way towards creating a sustainable farming system by lowering input costs, decreased reliance on non-renewable resources, capturing the high-value markets and price premiums, thus boosting farm income. In view of growing demand for organic products in the export market, it is proposed to encourage organic promotion by popularizing production technology. Hence, in line with the objectives of the NHM programme of Govt of India to promote organic agriculture in the State, a project is undertaken by the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA), a registered Society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960, covering 1000 hectares of area under organic farming certification program in four districts viz., Vellore, Erode, Theni and Ramanathapuram in the State.

This project works in a cluster-based approach where organic farming is encouraged in these districts for farmers cultivating crops viz., Vegetables (temperate), Mango, Banana, Turmeric, Chillies etc. Organic certification is done through SHGC program (Internal Control System), involving educating and providing trainings to farmers and other supports viz., Input Production units, farm input generation and market linkages.

The project targets to ultimately link to the potential markets under this project where the farmers' income levels would raise by 25-30% and their self-sustainability. The other outcomes of this project will be effectively supply chain, quality production and deriving organic 'Package of Practices' for the selected crops.