Tuesday 04th Aug 2020

Short Term Skill Training

Short Term Skill Training under TNSDC funds

Now a day’s Horticulture is gaining momentum and people showing interest towards starting new venture in the field of Horticulture. However, motivation is required for the youth to accept and appreciate farming/food production as a commercial venture. This will necessitate training of the youth in processing, marketing and consultancy in various areas of Horticultural production.

In view of this, Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture made announcement to impart short term skill training to 7000 in the floor of assembly by utilizing the skill fund.

Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) is the State Nodal Agency for imparting Skill Development training. It is functioning as a Corporation under the Labour and Employment Department with a vision to transform the state into skill hub by skilling the youth and enhance their employability to match the expectations of the Industry.

By considering the above, Government have sanctioned an amount of Rs. 6.2076 crore towards imparting 25 days Skill training (Gardener, Micro Irrigation Technician and Florist) to 5,340 youth and Rs. 1.1423 crore to Horticulture Technician training to 500 youth for the period 66 days under the Skill fund of Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation.

A. Short term Skill training -Gardener, Micro Irrigation Technician and Florist (25 days)

SI.NO Institute where training programme to be organized Number of candidates proposed to be trained in each course Total Number of Candidates
Gardener –AGR/Q0801 Florist AGR/Q0703 Micro Irrigation Technician AGR/Q1002
Briyant Park, Kodaikanal, Dindigul district 150 300 150 600
2 Farmers Training Centre, Ooty, The Nilgris district 300 300 150 750
Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Rediyarchathiram, Dindigul district 60 60 600 720
4 Central Horticulture Training Centre, Kudumianmalai, Pudukottai district 60 60 600 720
5 Tamil Nadu Horticulture Management Institute, Madhavaram 120 180 150 450
6 Horticulture Research and Training Centre functioning at Thally in Krishnagiri district 240 390 600 1230
7 State Horticulture Farm,Karumandurai, Salem district 150 120 600 870
TOTAL 1080 1260 3000 5340

• In the above course 50% of seat allocated for days scholar and 50% for Hosteller

• Course duration is 25 days

• Five working days in a week (Monday to Friday)

• 8 working hours per day (10.00 am to 6 PM)

• Course will be afforded as per the approved Qualification packs of NSDC/TNSDC.

B. Horticulture Technician

SI.NO Place proposed for training No of Candidates
1 Farmers Training Centre, Ooty, The Nilgris 100
2 Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Rediyarchathiram, Dindigul District 100
Central Horticulture Training Centre, Kudumianmalai, Pudukottai district 100
4 Tamil Nadu Horticulture Management Institute, Madhavaram, Chennai 100
5 Horticulture Research and Training Centre, Thally, Krishnagiri district 100

• Course duration is 66 days

• Five working days in a week (Monday to Friday)

• 8 working hours per day (10.00 am to 6 PM)


SI.NO Subject
1 Introduction: Objective of Gardening and Horticulture, Gardening and Environment, qualities of successful gardener. Different types of Garden.
2 Types of soils – composition, Reaction, Soil Amendment, Pot Mixture, Repotting. Plant food, manures and fertilizer, organic and inorganic, Bio-fertilizer, liquid manures, method and time of fertilizer use.
3 Nursery management - Nursery raising and transplantation, Seed bed preparation and method of plant propagation. Handling and Maintenance of gardening equipments. Shade net nursery, Mist chamber, Hardening techniques
4 Plant Propagation : Cultivation of annuals (Summer, Rainy and Winter seasons) seeding, budding, cutting and grafting, layering techniques of propagation and their method. Tissue culture.
5 Irrigation management - Practice in different system of irrigation. Micro irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation and Rain gun.
6 Weed, Pest and disease Management • Identification of pests and diseases of flower plants and fruit trees. • Preparation of doses of insecticides, weedicites, fungicides and pesticides. • Spraying and dusting practice with suitable equipment.
7 Practice in trimming, pruning and thinning
8 Seed Production Method of seed production, sowing, after care etc. harvesting, processing and storage
9 Protected Cultivation Construction & maintenance of green house, shade net, poly house. Raising crops in protected structure
10 Floriculture: Classification of flowers, their nursery production, study different types of herbs and shrubs for Hedge purpose.
11 Landscape Gardening: Principles of landscape design for house Gardens, Public parks, preparation of complete landscape. a. Growing plants under Green house condition b. Cultivation of ornamental flowering and non flowering plants b. Flower and foliage arrangements c. Preparation of estimate d. Record keeping
12 Development and maintenance of lawns

Infrastructure available in the Department

The Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops, operates 61 State Horticulture Farms and 18 Parks and Gardens. Unemployed youth get hands on training and practical experience during skill training will get wage employment or self employment.

Four Horticulture Training Centres are functioning under the Department at Madhavaram in Thiruvallur district, Kudumianmalai in Pudukottai district, Thally in Krishnagiri district and Ooty in the Nilgiris district. Administrative Blocks, well equipped class rooms, library, dormitories, guest room and hostel facilities are available in these training centres. Already Hi-tech Horticulture Crop Cultivation trainings, such as High Density Planting, Protected cultivation, integrated pest Management, Integrated Nutrient Management, Precision farming, Organic farming and Propagation Techniques are being imparted to farmers through these training centres.

Apart from farmers training, 2 years Diploma in Horticulture is being offered at Horticulture Training Centre, Madhavaram, Horticulture Research and Training Centre, Thally, Krishnagiri district and Centre of Excellence for Vegetables-Rediyarchathiram in Dindigul District with the intake of 50 students in each centre.

Hence, youth who will undergo the skill training can also avail the existing facilities in the Department.

Employment opportunity

The Department of Horticulture is implementing various schemes such as Micro Irrigation, Collective farming, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY), National Horticulture Mission (NHM), Integrated Horticulture Development Scheme (IHDS), National Agricultural Development Programme (NADP), Rainfed Area Development (RAD), Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY) and Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Project (TNIAMP) , through these schemes trained unemployed youth can get technical and financial support to start their own enterprises.

In Tamil Nadu, Cultivating high value Horticulture Crops under protected structures like Poly green house and Shade net is being popular now, this will not only enhance the production, productivity and quality of Horticultural produce, but will also generate more employment opportunities in the area of construction and maintenance of structure, production, post harvest handling and exporting/processing of ultimate produce. So far, 65 lakhs sq.metre area is covered under protected cultivation, more than 120 Private nurseries are functioning in the state and there is amble scope for further expansion. Youth, who undergo Gardener and Florist training, will get employment over there.

Department of Horticulture and plantation Crops, encouraging farmers to install Micro irrigation system only through 41 Micro irrigation firms registered under Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development Agency (TNHODA). Further, MI firms are responsible for maintenance of the installed MI system for the period of three years. Hence, there is tremendous scope for the youth trained in Micro irrigation technician in the area of production, installation and maintenance of Micro irrigation system.

Impact of the above training programme

• Acquired knowledge on recent Horticulture technologies will stimulate youth to create more ventures in the field of Horticulture science.

• Will create employment opportunity to rural youth and to promote modern Horticulture practices.

• To utilize Existing infrastructure available at Horticulture Training Centres, Centre of Excellence for Flowers & Vegetables and also in State Horticulture Farms.

• To expose the youth to Hi tech Horticulture practices and the key schemes implemented by the Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops.