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Success Stories - Madurai


My name is V.Pandiyan belonging to the Sedapatti Panchayat Union , Owning cultivation lands under Saptur Tank.The horticulture department officials suggested me to go for Hybrid Brinjal after harvesting paddy.They also added to give me the Hybrid seeds and fertilizers required for the cultivation of brinjal at free of cost. So I expressed my willingness to go for Brinjal expecting the high profit for it.
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NDAP - Precision Farming 5

I am Venkatesan S/o Munirathina Mudhaliyar residing at Narasingapuram Village, Kaveripakkam Block, Vellore District. I am having 1.00 Hectare of land of my own in the survey number 427/1 in that village. I used to cultivate vegetables like brinjal and tomato. Last year before 2007-08 the officials from Horticulture department came to my field and explained about National Agricultural Development Programme and Precision Farming and its subsidy pattern.

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Department of Horticulture Virudhunagar District Iamwarm Sevalaperiyar Sub BAsin : 2011 – 2012

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I am a regular grower of Beetroot and this year availed the subsidy for Beetroot crop seeds and other inputs from Horticulture Department for my Cultivation through out W.U.A in Sulthanpet Block.As the water was released in the PAP cannel I did the cultivation of Beetroot crop in my field. I obtained a maximum of 16,200 Kgs in 0.50 Ha. It is 30% more then the normal yield and received profit is Rs.50000 for 0.50 Ha.

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Until the official of Horticulture Department , Sattur contacted me, and convinced me about the Vegetable crops cultivation in the auyacut areas of Arjuna river basin under IAMWARM PROJECT, I have been practicing Paddy in the rabi season and I kept the lands as fallow during summer from the time immoral. Thanks to the Department of Horticulture that I am able to reap a good harvest of Bhendi, i.e. 51 Qtls in an area of 0.5 Ha.

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NDAP - 07-08

I am,Velu S/O Chinna subramani residing at Tagarakupam pudur village of Sholinghur block,Vellore. I am a little educated poor farmer belonging to back ward community. I used to cultivate millets like ragi, sorghum, cumbu and pulses like black gram, green gram in my land . In these circumstances officers from Dept. of Horticulture approached me and visited my field. They studied and discussed with me about the feasibility of vegetable cultivation and they advised me to go for high yielding varieties and hybrid vegetable cultivation with drip irrigation to get better yield and remuneration.

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My Name is Kumarandi. I am residing at Ananthamadanpacheri in Tharuvaikulam revenue village in Salikulamaru Sub- Basin in Ottapidaram Taluk. I Cultivated paddy during the previous year 2010-11. Due to water scarcity I obtained poor yield in paddy. As per the advice of Horticulture department officials Myself and My neighbourers cultivated Hybrid Brinjal MEBH 91 under TN – IAMWARM project in Ananthamadanpacheri.

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Virudhunagar - Kanal Odai Sub Basin

I am Ramu from Nallukurichi village which is under Narikudi Block. I have applied an application in TN IAMWARM Scheme to get subsidy from Horticulture department.

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NDAP - Precission Farming - Kadapadi - Vellore

I am Mr.Venugopal S/o Mr.Radhareddy at vandaranthangal village katpadi block vellore dist. I am having 2.50 Ha of land of my own in the survey No.516/1 in that village. I Used to cultivate Tomoto vegetable. Last year 2007-08 the official from Department of Horticultural came to my field and explained about the National Agricultural Development Programme and Precission farming and the subsidy pattern. As per their guidance we formed precission farming, farmers Association in Vandaranthangal village with 18 farmers as members. Each one was requested to cultivate 1 hectare of vegetable crops.

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Vellore - Poiney

I am Mr.Balaraman, S/O.Pullappa Reddy,residing at PADI village of Nemili block. I m one among the beneficiaries of the IAMWARM scheme of Poiney sub basin.I have cultivated traditional crops like sorghum, millets and legumes in monsoon season only. The officials of Horticulture Dept.inspected the field and advised me to go for Hybrid vegetable cultivation. As per their guidance, soil and water analysis were done and based on the results and recommendation of Horticulture officials I cultivated hybrid Tomato( US618) in 0.50 Hectare of land. I have followed all cultural tips like application of Urea, DAP and bio fertilizers like liquid Azospirellum and Phosphobacteria . The application of T.Viridi and Pseudomonas prevented fungal infection .