Wednesday 26th Jun 2019
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VISION of Horticulture Department

Second Green Revolution for doubling production.

Promoting Horticulture as a profitable and viable sector by leveraging technology.

Increasing the income levels of horticulture farmers and assuring them an improved quality of life.

Strengthening the forward and backward linkages.

Promoting Organic farming as a way of life.

Exploiting Information Technology tools in all aspects of horticulture.

Encouraging farm mechanization.

MISSION of the Horticulture Department

Increasing productivity and production through adoption of Hi-tech horticulture practices.

Strengthening the production and supply of quality Pedigree planting materials.

Timely supply of inputs - High yielding / Hybrid seeds, fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, etc.

Promoting High Density Planting in perennial crops.

Efficient and effective utilization of water and fertilizer through Precision Farming.

Thrust on Integrated Nutrient Management & Integrated Pest Management.

Canopy management and rejuvenation of old Orchards.

Reduction of post-harvest losses through modern Post-harvest technologies.

Providing refrigerated transportation facilities for Horticulture produce to reach the local, national and international market.

Availability of horticultural produce in the markets for consumers through retail outlets.

Creating awareness on Organic c farming through a multi pronged approach.

Ensuring higher income to farmers through efficiency improvement in the production, supply chain and market linkages of horticultural produce, using Information Technology.

Use of Information Technology tools in administration, information exchange, extension, marketing for speedy transfer of horticulture related information.

More thrust on horticulture based farming system in rain fed areas.

Capacity building for Department Personnel / Farmers/ Entrepreneurs.

Strengthening infrastructure facilities in the horticulture training institutes.

Promotion of horticulture as an integrated activity involving agriculture, animal husbandry, silviculture, apiculture, sericulture, fisheries in rural areas and encouraging terrace gardening in the cities.

Development of new gardens and eco-parks for promotion of tourism.

Effective utilization of assets in the State Horticulture Farms.