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Friday 24th Mar 2023

Department Webinar Video

TERRACE GARDENING (MAADI THOTTAM) by Additional Director of NHM Mr. S.Tamil Vendhan, B.Sc(Horti) on 29th Sep 2020

Mushroom Cultivation by Additional Director of GOI Mr. T.C.Kannan, B.Sc(Horti) on 23rd Oct 2020

Medicinal & Herbal Garden Joint Director of Horticulture MI Mr. P.Immanuel, B.Sc(Horti) on 14th Oct 2020

Nutritive Values in Horticulture Crops by Joint Director of Horticulture Farms Mr.Go.Poopathi, M.Sc(Horti) on 20th Oct 2020

MAINTAINING A HEALTHY HOME GARDEN by Joint Director of Horticulture Planning Mrs.R.Radjamany, M.Sc(Horti) on 19th Oct 2020

Simple Propagation Techniques for Home Garden Part I