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Friday 01th Mar 2024
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Collective Farming

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced in Budget speech of 2017-18 to implement an innovative programme for organizing small and marginal farmers into Farmer Producer Groups which will be federated into Farmer Producer Organizations to promote collective farming for credit mobilization, better adoption of technology and facilitate effective forward and backward linkages.

Under this Scheme, during the year 2017-18 to 2019-20, Corpus Fund of Rs.76.09 Crore was utilized for purchase of 6,967 Machineries which are collectively used for the cultivation purpose of 1,515 FPGs.

During the current year 2020-21, 600 FPGs are formed by the Department of Horticulture with a fund allocation of Rs.30.14 Crore and the purchase of machineries is under progress.