Indo Israel Action Plan is a bilateral agreement between India and Israel to maximize the production and productivity of vegetable crops in India, both in open field and protected conditions by adapting technologies from Israel through periodical visits by vegetable experts from Israel. The project on vegetables for intensive crop horticulture and demonstration sites in the state of Tamil Nadu was conceptualized within the framework of the National Horticulture Mission (NHM) of the Indo-Israel work Plan. In Tamil Nadu, Center of Excellence is being established in Reddiyarchatram of Dindigul District since the soil and prevailing climatic conditions are favorable to grow an array of vegetable crops. The project was inaugurated by laying Foundation stone on 15.10.2012 by Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


The project site is located 17 kms from Dindigul town towards west adjacent to NH 209.

Total Extent :

5.33.0 Ha

The Centre of Excellence for Vegetables functioning at Reddiarchatram under Indo-Israel Agriculture Project for demonstration on Vegetable production and impart training to farmers and extension officials of all districts in Tamil Nadu and other states.

Existing facilities available at CoE for Vegetables, Reddiarchatram

At present 1471.03 Sq.M (15,834.03 Sq. feet) of administrative building for training students and farmers.

The following facilities are available CoE for Vegetables, Reddiarchatram.

1. One Office room.

2. One Project Officer room.

3. One Project Manager room.

4. One Board Meeting Hall (6.90M x 4.68M).

5. One Training Hall (14.84M x 10.82M).

6. One Guest room.

7. One Laboratory room (8.95M x 4.15M).

8. One Library room (8.96M x 6.53M)

9. Automation system room.

10. One Security room.

11. Store room.

12. One Cold storage room.

13. One Inputs storage room.

14. Post harvest handling area.

Diploma in Horticulture Course

Our Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu made an announcement under Rule 110 of Tamil Nadu Legislative assembly, to start Two years Diploma course in Horticulture at Horticulture Research and Training Centre, Thally, Krishnagiri District and Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Reddiyarchatram, Dindigul District under the affiliation of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

The Government issued orders G.O. Ms. 240 Agriculture (H1) Department, Dated: 28.09.2018 to set up Two years Diploma course in Horticulture at Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Reddiyarchatram, Dindigul District Horticulture Research and Training Centre, Thally, Krishnagiri District with an intake of 50 students at each centre annually from 2018-19 onwards.

Applications from eligible candidates received from all over Tamil Nadu and admission work were completed. The regular classes for the Diploma Horticulture students started from 09.11.2018 onwards.


The Syllabus followed by CEV, Reddiyarchatram is based on Tamil Nadu Agricultural University curriculum of credit System for duration of 2 years (4 Semesters) course with English as Medium of instruction.


At Centre of Excellence for Vegetables Institute, the students are endowed with modern infra and convenient amenities that make their education life more purposeful in college hours, alongside make learning more interesting. Some of the facilities include well ventilated classrooms, open and protected cultivation areas, cold storage unit, well stocked library, internet connectivity and Wi-Fi access, medical facilities, automatic weather station etc.


The institute consists of well furnished academic block. This consist of Exhibition hall, A/C Conference hall, Laboratory, Library, Project Officer Chamber, Project Manager room, Faculty rooms, Board meeting hall, Class rooms, Rest rooms, Examination hall and Roof top garden. The academic block is well maintained with 24 hours surveillance CCTV cameras.


Well furnished modern class rooms are available in the institute. Faculty members are highly qualified with updated knowledge and experience. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students will acquire hands on experience and they are taken to various exposure visits to field to update their knowledge in the subjects. All the classrooms are furnished with LCD projector and laptop for power point presentations, podium with inbuilt speaker and mike for effective teaching with WiFi /internet connectivity. Power backup facilities are created for uninterrupted teaching in the class room even during power shut down.


Institutional farm is essential to give practical field exposure and hands on training to the students and visiting farmers. The CEV farm consists of well equipped farm tools and implements along with farm power machineries. The farm has protected structures like mist chamber, automated irrigation unit, Hi-tech poly houses, Naturally ventilated Polyhouses, insect proof Net houses and shade net houses. These structures are used for training the students and farmers on production of planting materials of different horticultural crops and Hi-tech vegetable cultivation. The following high tech cultivation demonstration fields are available for the students for learning purpose at Centre of Excellence for Vegetables, Reddiarchatram.

• Area under open cultivation - 1.02 Ha (2.55 ac)
• Area under protected cultivation - 1.40 Ha (3.50 ac)

PROTECTED CULTIVATION STRUCTURES: (B block, C block E block and F block)

Sl.No.Particulars Quantity (In No’s) Area
1 Naturally ventillated Poly Houses with Foggers and sensors 2 2080 Sq.m
2 Insect Proof Net Houses with Foggers and Tensiometers 5 1080 Sq.m
3 Shade Net House 1 400 Sq.m
4 Rain Shelter cum Shade Net House 1 600 Sq.m
5 Rain Shelter cum Insect Proof Net Houses 1 400 Sq.m
6 Hi-Tech Poly House 3 946 Sq.m
7 Walk in Tunnel 1 400 Sq.m
8 Roof top Garden 1 96 Sq.m
9 Automation Irrigation Unit 1 -


Sl.No. Details Total Area
1 Plot No 1 0.50 acres
2 Plot No 2 0.40 acres
3 Plot No 3 0.37 acres
4 Plot No 4 0.25 acres
5 Plot No 5 0.45 acres
6 Plot No 6 0.40 acres
Total 2.37 acres


The mission of the library is to acquire information, process, organize, disseminate and preserve the information to the students. The Library is kept open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. The Library works throughout the year, on all Sundays, and on all holidays (except three National Holidays). Our library has a huge good collection of Textbooks, Reference books, Journals and Magazines in the Field of Horticulture and Allied Subjects. The goal of the library is the extend all support for outstanding performance in academic and scientific activities carried out in the college.