Horticulture research and training centre (HR&TC) was started in sericulture rented building, Thally under Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops in the year of 2004. During 2015 HR&TC was shifted to own building at kooturoad village, Nellumaru road, Thally, Krishnagiri District in 2006 with an area of 22 hectares. It is located at 12.48oN and 77.50oE (Latitude and Longitude) an elevation of 930 MSL with mean temperature 13-38oC. This centre was enriched by Red loam and Sandy loam soils withhold pH of 7.68 and EC of 0.42 to 0.5 with average annual rainfall 900 mm. In this centre one year Garden Supervisor and six month Gardener courses were offered. Two year Diploma in Horticulture course was started in the year 2018 Vide G.O. Ms. No. 240 dated 28/9/2018 Agriculture (H1) with strength of 50 students.

There were 21 and 19 students awarded for the certificate courses of Garden Supervisor and Gardener respectively. Apart from the curriculum, more than 19,000 farmers from various districts of TamilNadu were trained by this centre and they learn about different horticultural technologies includes nursery, crop production, irrigation management and post harvest practices.

The Centre of Excellence for Cut Flowers also functioning here, under Indo-Israel Agriculture Project for demonstration on cut flowers production technology and impart training to farmers and Extension officials of all districts in TamilNadu and other states. Students from several Agricultural, Horticultural colleges and schools were visited and gained knowledge from this centre.

They are also being worked as Garden Supervisor and Gardener in various private companies and some of them working in other states also.

This centre felt proud to giving training and knowledge about horticulture for farming communities, youngsters and who are all interested in farming.


At present, 7165 Sq.ft building is available with 4 dormitories, Dining hall, Kitchen and 7 guest rooms. Dormitories are used for the accommodation of students for one year Garden supervisor course, six months Gardener courses and farmers. Diploma students were accommodated in hostels separately. Guest rooms are used for the accommodation of extension officials those who are accompanying with the farmers.

1. The accommodation capacity of Dormitories = 50 Nos.

2. The accommodation capacity of guest rooms = 35 Nos.

SI.NO Details No. of rooms
1 Principal’s Room 1
2 Visitors room 1
Committee room with video conferencing facility 1
4 Administrative office room 1
5 Assistant academic officer including staff 1
6 Exam hall (120 capacity) 2
7 Faculty room (ladies) 1
8 Faculty room (Gents) 1
9 Placement cell 1
10 Smart Lecture halls (60 capacity) 2
11 Auditorium 1
12 Library 1
13 Common Utility Room 1
14 Hostels including mess, gym / indoor, reading room, warden room, store etc. 2 boys / room
2 girls / room
15 Canteen 1
16 Wash room (with toilets & urinary facilities) 10
17 Parking space 1
18 Farm stores, threshing yards including implements and tractor sheds One core complex
19 Vehicles shed 1

Technologies demonstrated to the students in open cultivation

1. Green house cut flower production.

2. Cut flower production in poly houses.

3. Shade net house cultivation of flowers.

4. Open field cut flower production with drip fertigation.

5. Good Agricultural Practices.

6. Post harvest management of cut flowers.

Crop Cafeteria

Sl.No.ComponentsCropArea (Sq.mt/ha)
I Protected Cultivation
1 Green House (5 Nos.) Rose 2016
Carnation 1008
Gerbera 1508
Mari gold 5008
2 Shade Net House (2 Nos.) Cut Foliages 2160
II Open Field
1 Open Field Bird of paradise 0.10.0
Heliconia 0.10.0
Gladiolus 0.40.0
Golden Rod 0.20.0
Asparagus 0.80.0
Chrysanthemum 0.50.0
Blue Daisy 0.30.0
Other Cut Foliages 0.70.0


The Syllabus followed by HRTC is based on TamilNadu Agriculture University curriculum with a duration of 2 years (4 Semesters) with credit System with English has Medium of instruction.