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About Anna Park

This Park was established during 1999 with an extent of 4.00 ac. Altitude of this park is 1450 mts. Open lawn is in an area 1.0 ac, Children play area in 0.25 ac., Japanese Garden was established in an area of 0.5 ac. In Japanese Garden, there are components such as Fountains, Japanese Lanterns, Sculptures, etc., are also present. There is a Glass House with an area of 500 Sq.ft and Nursery area with shade net to an extent of 0.5 ac. In the nursery, Rose, Hibiscus, Ornamentals are being produced. Annual Flower Shows are being held regularly during the month of May, displaying various varieties of Roses and other Ornamental flowers. Regarding Visitors, 1.5 – 2.0 lakhs visitors are visiting annually with revenue around Rs. 25.00 lakhs / year. Adjacent to this Park, Lake View Park and summer festival ground are also established in an area of 3.25 and 3.00 ac.

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