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Saturday 20th Apr 2024

G.O's | Scheme Guidelines | Scheme Components


Sl. No G.O. Ms. No G.O. Ms. Dated Name of the Schemes Abstract Download
1 GO (2D)No 176, Agriculture & Farmers welfare (AP1) Department, 2023-09-14 NMSA-RAD Implementation of Rainfed area Development Programme 2023-24
2 GO (MS)No 120, Agriculture & Farmers welfare (AP5) Department 2023-06-19 NMSA-RAD Implementation of Rainfed Area Development for the year 2023-24
3 GO (MS)No 227, Agriculture & Farmers welfare (AP5) Department, 2022-09-21 NMSA-RAD Rainfed Area Development (RAD) will adopt an area based approach for development and conservation of natural resources along with farming systems. This component will introduce appropriate farming systems by integrating multiple components of agriculture
4 GO(Ms) No.155 2021-10-22 NMSA-RAD Sanction of 1st installment of Rs.10.27 Crore under RAD 2021-22
5 G.O. (2D). No. 60 Agriculture (AP5) Department 2021-02-26 NMSA-RAD RAD 2020-21 under NMSA 3rd instalment Rs.437.50 lakh
6 G.O. (2D). No.12 Agriculture (AP5) Department 2021-01-18 NMSA-RAD RAD 2020-21 under NMSA 2nd instalment Rs.437.51 lakh
7 G.O. (2D). No.152 Agriculture (AP5) Department 2020-08-18 NMSA-RAD RAD 2020-21 under NMSA 1st instalment Rs.875.01 lakh
8 G.O.(3D).No.88 Agriculture (AP5) Department 09-07-2018 NMSA-RAD 1st installment GO for an amount of Rs.923 lakhs for implementation of Rainfed Area Development compoenent of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture during the year 2018-19
9 G.O.(3D).No.307 Agriculture (AP5) Department 17-12-2018 NMSA-RAD GO for 2nd instalment amount of Rs.923 lakhs for implementation of RAD component of NMSA during the year 2018-19
10 G.O. (3D). No. 66 Agriculture (AP5) Department 24-05-2019 NMSA-RAD Sanction for 3rd instalment amount of Rs.209.835 lakh for implementation of RAD component of NMSA during the year 2018-19.
11 G.O. (3D)No.164 Agriculture (AP5) Department 25-10-2019 NMSA-RAD 1st instalment for implementation of RAD under NMSA 2019-20
12 G.O. (3D). No. 99 Agriculture (AP5) Department 20-03-2020 NMSA-RAD RAD 2019-20 2nd instalament Rs.2200.00 lakh